Leadgency, Inc.


With over 25 years of experience, The Lead Boutique is a multifaceted Marketing, Lead Generation, Advertising and Database Company with services that help hundreds of companies attract leads to convert into customers. Our aim is to help clients create compelling programs which companies actually depend on for their bottom line growth.


Call Center

A unique solution with a fully onshore and in-house call center. Staffed with a group of specialized agents. Every call is put through quality assurance filters, reported and completely visible to you. Utilize our agents to gain an advantage over your competition with a more direct approach to marketing. 


The Lead Boutique has a wide range of database list options available. Including B2B basic mailing and phone data up to direct dial /email, title based contact information. Along with B2C consumer data with special criteria selects. List options are fully customizable and built based on your specific criteria needs. 100% Data Guarantee's are available. 

Pay For Performance

Many programs for generating leads are at your disposal with a Pay For Performance model. Pay for qualified leads once they are generated and in your pipeline. Eliminate the guess work of consumption campaigns. Pay For Performance models include qualification of leads, verification, and replacement guarantee's.


Reach the right audience with the proper automated broadcast communication solution. Broadcasting allow our clients to cast a larger net at a lower cost per contact allowing companies to play the numbers game needed to generate a higher volume of leads.


Utilize a vast network of available advertising mediums to create brand awareness, remain visible to your consumer audience and get the necessary touch points required to generate interest in your product or service. The Lead Boutique has flexible and affordable medium options. Our team will get to know your offering to better help in building awareness.


Produce the necessary graphics, media, creative and programming to ensure the success of your campaign using our experienced Account Managers, IT, Creative and Production Team.


CPI (Cost Per Install)


Generate mobile application installs with a performance-based, easily optimized Cost per Install (CPI) campaign. Our programming & marketing team create mobile campaigns to fit your marketing strategy, providing analytical and optimization tools, real-time tracking and reporting, unmatched quality assurances and expansive fulfillment opportunities. Implement a CPI campaign to reach consumers on the move, across the entire mobile landscape.

Marketing Methods

  • SMS
  • Mobile display
  • Search
  • Rich media
  • Video
  • In-game / in-app ads

Targeting Develop custom targeting to reach a specific audience based on campaign goals:

  • Geographic location – area code, zip code, DMA, GPS location.
  • Behavioral – browsing habits, interests, music preferences, hobbies, etc.
  • Carrier – worldwide with Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.
  • Device – target a specific model or group of devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).
  • Operating system – iOS, Android, RIM, and Windows.


The Lead Boutique’s experienced and knowledgeable Account Managers can build a customized quote based on the marketing plan you envision. Please CONTACT US to get set up with a dedicated Account Manager that will discuss and help build your marketing plan.