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With over 25 years of experience, The Lead Boutique is a multifaceted Marketing, Lead Generation, Advertising and Database Company with services that help hundreds of companies attract leads to convert into customers. Our aim is to help clients create compelling programs which companies actually depend on for their bottom line growth.


Call Center

A unique solution with a fully onshore and in-house call center. Staffed with a group of specialized agents. Every call is put through quality assurance filters, reported and completely visible to you. Utilize our agents to gain an advantage over your competition with a more direct approach to marketing. 


The Lead Boutique has a wide range of database list options available. Including B2B basic mailing and phone data up to direct dial /email, title based contact information. Along with B2C consumer data with special criteria selects. List options are fully customizable and built based on your specific criteria needs. 100% Data Guarantee's are available. 

Pay For Performance

Many programs for generating leads are at your disposal with a Pay For Performance model. Pay for qualified leads once they are generated and in your pipeline. Eliminate the guess work of consumption campaigns. Pay For Performance models include qualification of leads, verification, and replacement guarantee's.


Reach the right audience with the proper automated broadcast communication solution. Broadcasting allow our clients to cast a larger net at a lower cost per contact allowing companies to play the numbers game needed to generate a higher volume of leads.


Utilize a vast network of available advertising mediums to create brand awareness, remain visible to your consumer audience and get the necessary touch points required to generate interest in your product or service. The Lead Boutique has flexible and affordable medium options. Our team will get to know your offering to better help in building awareness.


Produce the necessary graphics, media, creative and programming to ensure the success of your campaign using our experienced Account Managers, IT, Creative and Production Team.

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Blended Call Center

With over 25 years of experience in Call Center services and Lead Generation services, The Lead Boutique offers a unique service with a fully onshore and in-house call center. Staffed with a group of specialized agents. Our agents are classified based on their skill set, the industry they excel in and the scripts they are successful on. The Lead Boutique will fully screen agents, train them and test them on in-house programs before being placed on your client campaign.

Reasons why clients will outsource their outbound call center needs to The Lead Boutique:

  • Conduct the initial stages of the sales process with lead generation.
  • Qualifying prospects and appointment setting.
  • Initiating Live Transfer leads.
  • Invite your prospects to your event increasing event attendance and registration.
  • Fact finding for research purposes.
  • Data gathering and data base cleansing.
  • Follow up email and direct mail campaigns to boost response rates.
  • Calls made 90% faster than traditional methods.

What does The Lead Boutique offer?

The Lead Boutique will provide a fully managed call center solution along with a Quality Assurance team dedicated to your program. All calls made from The Lead Boutique are recorded. Clients can listen to calls from their campaign. Agents are given incentives to generate interest in our clients offer. The Lead Boutique will offer complete set up on campaigns and professional script writing services.

What has The Lead Boutique been successful on?

The Lead Boutique has vast experience in many areas of Telemarketing. We have found huge success in the following nine areas:

ONE: Lead Generation

Using telemarketers to generate leads means increased sales revenue and greatly reduces the amount it costs to make a sale. When you use telemarketers to generate your leads, you free up your sales teams to do what their good at – which is making sales!

TWO: Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is, always has, and always will be, a primary way that companies generate new business. Companies usually place a great deal of emphasis on appointment setting, and also a significant proportion of their budget. Why do they do this? Because there’s no more effective way to close a sale than a chance to sit down with a prospective client in a face-to-face meeting. Appointment setting is a cost effective and intelligent use of telemarketers to generate new business for your organization.

THREE: Live Lead Transfers

Live Transfer is one of the highest converting marketing models and can increase the efficiency of any call-based business’ sales process. Customize your script to qualify callers or rely on The Lead Boutique’s industry expertise to communicate your message.  TLB’s Quality Assurance team records and listens to all calls to ensure strict qualification compliance with DNC regulations as well as client scripts, posting instructions and lead criteria.

FOUR: Event Invitations, Registration, Reminders or Change of Venue

In recent years, telemarketing has proven itself to bring exceptional results for those companies that host events, webinars or seminars. It doesn’t matter how good your event is; if delegates aren’t booking you’re losing out. Using a telemarketing team to book your attendees means getting the good news out to people that could greatly benefit from attending your event. Working from existing mailing lists or cold calling people with industry links to the event subject or topic is a great way to put a telemarketing team to work for your events.

FIVE: The Follow Up

Using follow up calls is a powerful and effective way to make the most of your direct mail or email marketing. The recipient has already had the opportunity to consider your offer by mail and now telemarketing offers a renewed chance to capitalize on that offer for both parties. Follow Up calls can also be made after literature or sales inquiries, chasing up interested parties and converting prospects that may have otherwise dithered undecided about purchasing your goods or services from a brochure. Follow up interest by using a dedicated telemarketing team to convert interest into action.

SIX: Market Research

One of the truly time-tested uses of telemarketing is market research, often used for product review and customer feedback. However, these days it can be used to cover a full range of quantitative and qualitative data collection. Using the latest integrated technology, telemarketing interviewers can handle everything from small executive level surveying to mass nationwide customer feedback questioning. Doing Market Research via the telephone is a highly cost effective method of conducting large-scale market research and can cover vast geographical locations from a single base. Of course, given the right permissions, data gleaned from your market research telemarketing can be used to target the prospects for your next telemarketing campaign.

SEVEN: Customer Reactivation

Your organization should keep a record of all current customers and all those people that were customers but are not actively buying from you. Telemarketing is an effective way to reconnect with and reactivate your dormant customer database and using data that you already have in your systems. By using telemarketing, your company can win you up to 50% of your past customers back!

EIGHT: Selling Advertising Space

When you’ve got space to sell, you can’t rely on people just coming to you. You need a team of dedicated telemarketers that can directly sell your space to the people that need to advertise. This isn’t simply cold calling; it’s designing a campaign to target those businesses and individuals that might benefit most from the opportunity to use your advertising space. A team of experienced telemarketers can target likely clients and more effectively approach hundreds of potential clients, rapidly improving your chances of new business generation.

NINE: Database Cleansing

The information in your database becomes quickly outdated. A Dun & Bradstreet study determined the average decay on any database happens at an average rate of 3-5% per month. By using telemarketers to work through your data, you can correct, delete or amend the details of your existing customers, leads or prospects. By making sure that your data is up to date and accurate, you can increase the rate at which your sales staff can make sales. Data cleansing may also be a legal requirement in various industry sectors, so it also keeps your nose clean with industry’s regulators. Make your existing data work for you by purging useless existing data.

TEN: Sell To Existing Customers

Last, but certainly not least, telemarketing provides a successful route to improving sales by selling directly to those that are already using your products or services. Existing customers are much more easily converted because you don’t need to convince them of your expertise, reputation or benefits. With an existing customer, you can use telemarketing to offer extended service, upgrades and further features on something they’ve already purchased, or offer them a completely new product or service. If the existing customer is happy with their past purchase from you, the worst that can happen is that they will simply reject your new offer. Since they were willing to listen in the first place, it wasn’t a hardship and you can still call them again in the future with new offers.


The Lead Boutique’s experienced and knowledgeable Account Managers can build a customized quote based on your list, script and marketing idea. Please CONTACT US to get set up with a dedicated Account Manager that will discuss and help build your marketing plan.